Easy-to-install and dependable

The Predictive Power of Soil Data

Data from below the ground is essential for providing accurate and preventative agronomic insights. Using sensors to capture data on soil moisture, soil temperature and EC Sat. Paste enables CropX to generate recommendations on what a plant needs before the plant starts showing stress. 

CropX offers users two options for capturing this important data, a patented, spiral-design soil sensor, as well as a top-of-the-line telemetry device. The CropX soil sensor provides accurate, real-time soil readings while being an easy-to-install, self-contained device. The CropX telemetry device allows for sensors from other manufactures to send data to the CropX cloud making it possible for more farmers to enjoy the benefits of the CropX System.

Unlock Proactive Insights

The CropX soil sensor collects data on soil moisture and temperature, and electrical conductivity.

Connect Existing Sensors

The CropX telemetry device makes CropX Agronomic Farm Management System accessible for more farms by eliminating the need to replace existing sensors. This device can be installed and connected with ease and provides dependable, season-long operations.

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