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The Power of In-Field Data from Soil to Sky and Roots to Shoots

Data from the root zone and canopy level is essential for providing accurate and preventative agronomic insights. Using sensors to capture data on soil moisture, soil temperature and EC Sat. Paste and Actual Evapotranspiration enables CropX to generate recommendations on what a plant needs before the plant starts showing stress. 

To capture important data, CropX offers a patented, spiral-designed soil sensor, top-of-the line telemetry devices, a first-of-its-kind Actual ET sensor, and a tipping-spoon rain gauge. 

  • The CropX soil sensor provides accurate, real-time soil readings while being an easy-to-install, self-contained device. 
  • The CropX telemetry device allows for sensors from other manufacturers to send data to the CropX cloud making it possible for more farmers to enjoy the benefits of the CropX System. 
  • The CropX Actual ET sensor sits just above the canopy of a crop to directly measure the Actual Evapotranspiration (ETa) of that crop over a broad area in real time.
  • The CropX rain gauge captures field level rainfall amounts adding more data to the CropX system for insights.

Design Features and Benefits

Our hardware is designed with care to provide an easy-installation experience, highly accurate measurements, and dependability under tough field conditions. We are constantly talking to our users and innovating.


  Removable antenna

Detachable, replaceable antenna so you can get reception in even the most remote areas


   Removable / rechargeable battery

Rechargeable battery easily removed while sensor is installed


Internal telemetry

Thanks to the new installation pole slots in the head, and improved drill.


   Installation pole slots

Thanks to the new installation pole slots in the head, and improved drill.


Depth offset lines

Installable at 3 different depths to get the most accurate measurements.


Spiral design

The CropX soil sensor collects data on soil moisture and temperature, and electrical conductivity.


   3 sensors

Get CropX insights on irrigation management, disease control and nutrition monitoring


   Tapered shape

Thanks to the tapered shape and patented spiral design, the new sensor is now stronger then ever

Unlock Proactive Insights

The CropX soil sensor was designed with detail for a DYI installation process auto-calibration, and quick connectivity to the CropX platform. The patent-pending spiral design prevents preferential flow of water leading to more accurate readings. There is no need for a separate telemetry device, so the CropX soil sensor is a streamlined and affordable device. 

Connect 3rd-party Sensors

The CropX telemetry device makes the CropX system accessible for more farms by eliminating the need to replace existing sensors. This device can be installed and connected with ease and provides dependable, season-long operations.

Monitor Field-level Water Use

The first-of-its-kind Actual ET sensor for on-farm use. 

Track Rainfall Data

The CropX rain gauge adds hyper-local rainfall data for more accurate insights. 

Hardware Specifications

CropX System

CropX SV4

soil sensor

CropX TD1

telemetry device

CropX ET1

evapotranspiration sensor

CropX RG1

rain gauge

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