Use on-farm data for on-farm decisions

CropX Actual ET

With CropX Actual ET, growers now have access to a first-of-its-kind technology that uses direct measurements to determine the Actual Evapotranspiration (ETa) of a crop.

Track field-specific crop water use over a broad area in real time! When ET sensors and soil sensors are used together, the CropX Irrigation Planning capability offers the most complete picture of field water movement, from roots to shoots.

What is Actual ET? Why would that data be valuable?

Learn that and more from atmospheric scientist and developer of the Actual ET sensor, Tom Shapland, PhD.

Why use off-farm data to make irrigation decisions when you can use real-time information directly from the field? 

CropX ET sensors add a valuable set of information to the already powerful Irrigation Planning capability of the CropX agronomic farm management system. Users can access field maps, tap into irrigation insights, take advantage of variable rate irrigation, and track irrigation events for streamlined record-keeping. 

Developing Actual ET for On-farm use

Explore the history and development of technology that allows farms to measure Actual ET in the field.

CropX Actual ET provides

Actual Evapotranspiration (ETa) data
CropX ET sensors measure and monitor the water use of your crop daily, in real time. Don’t wait days or weeks for critical crop information! ETa is measured over a broad area of your field.

Water Use and Availability Monitoring 
Crop water use data coupled with soil water availability monitoring from soil sensors ensures users can make the most precise, profitable, and responsible irrigation decisions with confidence.

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