Crop Nutrition Monitoring

Ensure soil supports growth

CropX System Nutrition Monitoring

Control costs while maximizing yields with this first-of-its-kind solution for continuously monitoring salinity and nitrogen leaching. 

EC Saturated Paste

Evaluates the plant salt and nutritional levels in real time

Leaching Records

Track and report a season-long view of nitrogen leaching events

Leaching Data

Graphical view of the variables that contribute to nitrogen leaching

Salinity Monitoring

Provides real-time measurements of salinity in the soil allowing users to see salt buildup

Fertilizer Application Records

Manually enter nitrogen application activities for tracking and record keeping purposes

Continuously Monitor Nitrogen

Monitor plant uptake and utilization of crop nutrients throughout the season. Know what your crop is absorbing, what’s available for future uptake, and if nutrients are being lost. 

Reduce Impact of Leaching Events

Users can track and report a season-long view of nitrogen leaching events to demonstrate responsible nitrogen management, or establish the conditions that lead to leaching events then make adjustments to prevent future occurences.

Manage Soil Salinity Levels

This solution for salinity monitoring is easier, less time-consuming and able to supply immediate results compared to conventional lab soil sample method of measuring the saturated paste EC (electric conductivity).​​

Research and Validation

CropX agronomists validated this feature through stringent testing. Both EC saturated paste and leaching were measured throughout the season for various crop types including orchards and broadacre crops. Samples were regularly taken from areas near the sensor for lab testing and were sourced globally from independent labs. To test for leaching, field experiments were conducted in-house and in conjunction with projects conducted by third party research groups. The algorithm achieved over 90% accuracy in classifying leaching events when compared to manually labeled data by expert agronomists and agronomic service providers.   

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