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    CropX North America Product Offering

    CropX provides a full compliment of powerful agronomic operations management tools all on one platform. 

    CropX Agronomic Farm Management System

    CropX aggregates data from soil to sky and transforms it into useful insights and advice. 


    FIELD DATA HANDLING – Everything in One Place

    Insights based on water availability, water usage, weather, and crop needs

    • Record Keeping and reporting
    • Visual Monitoring, Satellite Imagery, Scouting Notes/Pictures
    • Field Size, Crop Type, Crop Growth, Productivity Map
    • Planting Date, Accumulated GDD, Effective Root Zone
    • Yield and As Applied Maps
    • Soil Type and Temperature
    • Sensor Graphs, Hardware Monitoring
    • Current Weather and Forecast

    IRRIGATION PLANNING – Use Every Drop Wisely

    Insights based on water availability, water usage, weather, and crop needs

    • Irrigation Recommendations
    • Soil Moisture Status and Graph
    • Irrigation Zones
    • Prescriptions – VRI 
    • Actual ET Data
    • Rainfall Data
    • Weather Forecasts

    DISEASE CONTROL – Protect with Precision

    Insights based on local disease pressure, crop growth, and spray timing

    • Disease Threat Level Warnings
    • Disease Identification
    • Spray Timing Recommendations
    • Spraying Conditions
    • Product Recommendation

    NUTRITION MONITORING – Ensure Soil Supports Growth

    Continuous monitoring of salinity levels and nitrogen movement through the soil.

    • EC Sat. Paste Measurement and Insights
    • N Leaching Notifications, History, Factors
    • Salinity Monitor
    • Fertilization Tasks


    Hardware solutions: 

    Soil Sensors

    Evapotranspiration Sensors

    Rain Gauges

    Telemetry Devices

    Available via a network of dealers offering agronomic solutions and services.

    Julia Levy

    Julia brings with her more than 20 years of experience in corporate development, partnerships, M&As and business strategy.

    Prior to joining CropX, Julia held roles such as Corporate Development Director at STK Bio-Ag Technologies, a leading global biopesticide company, and as Deputy Head of M&A at Caisse des Depots et Consignations in France. Earlier in her career, Julia served as an AVP at Lazard Freres Investment Banking and as a Manager at KPMG Corporate Finance.

    Julia holds an MBA from ESSEC Business School in France.