Field Data Management


CropX System
Field Data Management

CropX aggregates data from in and around the farm and transforms it into useful information to help farmers
monitor the health of fields and crops. The information is easy to access and provides a holistic overview of field

Vegetation health indices

including NDVI, SAVI, moisture index and more

Soil Information

Field size, soil type, organic material %, pH and CEC

Crop information

Crop type, Planting date and Emergence date

Soil Sensor Data

Soil moisture, EC and soil temperature

Crop Growth

Accumulated GDD and Effective root zone


Current conditions, Extended forecasts

Easily Manage Data

Automatically import real-time data from soil sensors, satellites, farm machinery, and other sources. This makes it easy to gather and manage all of your data.

Quickly Find Information

The Field Data function in the CropX platform offers you the possibility to review and compare data along with crop performance. All of the information you need about a field is at your fingertips.

Perform Deeper Analysis

With curated field data, histograms and statistics, you’ll be able to quickly see direct insight into a variety of information about your fields: soil type, NDVI, SAVI, soil moisture index, and more.

Research and Validation

The CropX system has undergone many internal and third-party trials and testing to validate the accuracy of the data it collects and the advice it provides. For data that comes from third-party providers, such as satellite images and weather forecasts, we choose high-caliber partners who are leaders in their fields of expertise. But sometimes situations arise where there are discrepancies in the data that need attention – and for that, our service and support teams are on-call to problem solve and make any necessary corrections. With CropX, you can trust that the data you receive is accurate and precise and that any questions you have will be answered.  

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