About us

Activating the Power of Technology for Agriculture

Digital farming solutions enable a future of food security on a healthy and thriving planet. Changing how we farm, on every farm, starts with delivering powerful agronomic value with solutions that are simple to use.

Our Focus

We are focused on solving agronomic challenges that growers and agribusinesses face daily. Knowing that many farms are members of networks that supply larger processors, CropX facilitates connections, traceability, and transparency up and down the supply-chain. 

Our solutions should be simple to use yet have a profound impact on farm management, helping growers make more timely and precise agronomic decisions that add agronomic value. Our solutions should increase connectivity among people, devices, and machinery to help track conditions and activities across fields. 

Who we are

Our expertise is grounded in farming, agronomy, hydrology, machine learning, engineering and tech. We create a synergy of expert contributions that draws on the wisdom of our farmer-employees, founders and customers.  

Our team spans four continents with offices in the United States, the Netherlands, Israel, and New Zealand.  

Acquisitions of complementary precision agriculture companies in the US, the Netherlands and New Zealand expanded our expertise and the use-cases for our technologies. 

Our roots

CropX was founded in 2013 in New Zealand to push innovations in soil sensor technology and digital platforms that are used to access data and generate insights from sensors. It moved to Israel in 2017 to draw from Israel’s deep history and expertise in water-efficient irrigation technologies. In 2019, CropX acquired CropMetrics, a precision irrigation company located in Nebraska, United States, expanding expertise and markets to include pivot irrigation systems. 

In early 2020, CropX acquired Regen, a New Zealand precision irrigation company with specific innovations and expertise in the field of effluent management for livestock operations. In 2021, CropX acquired Dacom Farm Intelligence, a precision agriculture company based in the Netherlands that brings 30 years of innovations at the intersection of agriculture and digital technology. Dacom brings with it extensive expertise and technologies that support disease control, irrigation, crop recording, tracking, and more.   

Meet our team (alphabetical order)

Management Team

Anat Assa

VP Human Resources

Sagi Briteman


Eitan Dan

Managing Director, Australasia

John Gates


Janneke Hadders

CEO CropX Europe

Julia Levy

SVP Corporate Development

Liora sphindler

VP Finance

Tomer Tzach


Business Leads

Itay Assa

VP Operations

Tim davis

VP Sales North America

Bridgit Hawkins

Chief Sustainability Officer

Kerri Pocock

VP Global Marketing

Matan Rahav

VP Business Development

Harmen Wollerich

VP Sales Europe

Lud Uitdewilligen

VP Product & Design

Board of Directors

Steve Goldberg

Finistere Ventures

Ervin Leibovici, Chairman


Fabian Seunier

Aliaxis Ventures

Gideon Soesman

Greensoil Investments

Tomer Tzach

CEO, CropX

Advisory Board

Israel grimberg

Dani harari

Marcel Van Den Assum

Board Observers

Asaf Green

NTT Innovation Laboratory

Chris Roth

Reinke Manufacturing Co., Inc.

Joost Van Laer


Join our Team

At CropX we’re not only working on the important task of helping farmers produce enough food to feed the world with a minimal environmental impact, we’re also having fun doing it. If you are interested in working with a global team and making a positive impact, check out our open positions on LinkedIn.


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