Tracking and Reporting

Simplify traceability

CropX System Tracking and Reporting

Tracking and reporting activities are key for transparency in the agricultural supply chain and create additional value, such as providing consumers with low-carbon certified options or sharing best practices across large operations. With a click of a button, CropX System will compile data in a report format for easy and comprehensive review.

Environmental Events

Leaching, effluent applications

Resource Use Efficiency

Water, chemicals, and nitrogen use

Crop Performance

Planting, emergence, and harvest data

Seasonal Retrospective

A summary of the growing season sent via email

Data Sharing

Use various permission rights to share data with the supply chain and across large-scale farm operations

Ensure Regulation Compliance

CropX has reporting systems that let users quickly and easily show compliance with government regulations on activities such as effluent spraying.

Display Stewardship

Users can demonstrate optimized resource use and validate environmentally friendly practices in order to participate in reward programs, provide a differentiated crop to food processors, and generate positive public relations.

Continuous Improvement

Users can track year-over-year resource usage and results to track improvements in production and profitability. 

Participating in Biodiversity Program

CropX has a history of working with clients to build digital tools that support sustainable farming practices. Using the digital system developed by CropX, farmers receive over 85 million euros yearly to adopt practices such as delaying the hay harvest to allow for nesting birds to complete their birthing cycle and creating borders with flowers to increase the available habitat for insects.

Pictured left is the CropX and Boerennatuur team that make this program a reality for Dutch farmers.

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