CropX Agronomic Farm Management System

Harnessing Data from soil to sky

Easy-to-use, Powerful, Proven

The CropX system synthesizes data from soil to sky on a user-friendly app capable of managing numerous farms and fields from one account. A wide array of data sources power the generation of agronomic insights. With CropX, you’ll not only look into the future, you’ll proactively manage it.

Powerful Yet Simple Interface

The dashboard quickly provides key information such as hardware and field status and features:

Data Collection and Processing

CropX transforms and activates complex data sets by using accurate and complete sources such as:

Easy-to-install, Accurate, Dependable Hardware

Data from below the ground is essential for providing accurate and predictable agronomic insights. Using sensors to capture data enables the CropX system to generate recommendations on what a plant needs before the plant starts showing stress.

The CropX System Capabilities

Field Data Management

Real-time information  for monitoring and optimizing crop performance.

Crop information

Soil information

Crop growth


Vegetation Health Indices

Soil sensor Data

Agronomic Planning Tools

Insights and advice for irrigation, disease, nutrition and effluent management activities.

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Farm Data Connectivity

Easily import data from farm machinery, weather stations, rain gauges and more.

Weather stations

Machine Data

Third-Party Sensors

Irrigation Equipment

Partner Connections

Environmental Events

Resource use Efficiency

Data sharing

Crop Performance

Seasonal Retrospect

Track and report on crop data, leaching events, effluent applications and more.

On-Farm Benefits and Average User Results

Up to 20% Fertilizer Savings

Up to 15% Yield Increases

Up to 50% Water Savings

Up to 20% Fungicide Savings

Labour Reductions

Reduce farm management labor

Sustainability Goals

Supports many of the UN SDGs

Energy Savings

Save on machine operation costs

Julia Levy

Julia brings with her more than 20 years of experience in corporate development, partnerships, M&As and business strategy.

Prior to joining CropX, Julia held roles such as Corporate Development Director at STK Bio-Ag Technologies, a leading global biopesticide company, and as Deputy Head of M&A at Caisse des Depots et Consignations in France. Earlier in her career, Julia served as an AVP at Lazard Freres Investment Banking and as a Manager at KPMG Corporate Finance.

Julia holds an MBA from ESSEC Business School in France.