Irrigation Planning

Use Every drop wisely

CropX System Irrigation Planning

Save water and keep crops healthy by irrigating before plants show signs of stress. Know exactly when and how much water to apply. Track, compare and report irrigation practices.

Field Map

Visual display of water fill levels in a field

Soil Moisture Status

Quick reference of Refill, Optimal, or Full level status

Variable Rate Irrigation

Match water rates with soil type or topography

Profile Summary

Graphical view of water fill levels for past and future dates

Irrigation Insights

Recommendations on when and how much to irrigate

Actual Evapotranspiration (ETa)

Track field-specific crop water use (ETa) over a broad area in real time

Optimize Water Use

Essentially, tracking the Actual ET of a crop allows for irrigation practices that replace water used by that crop. Effectively managing water in the crop root zone will improve water and nutrient use efficiency. The irrigation management capability of CropX is continuously monitoring this data and providing insights and advice on irrigation activities for more precise water applications.

Control Plant Stress

With the use of real-time data from soil and Actual ET sensors. CropX is able to provide predictive insights that allow growers to take proactive action prior to plants showing visible signs of stress. Growers know at all times if a field is at, above, or below optimal moisture levels. 

Simplify Irrigation Planning

Make confident irrigation decisions, automate irrigation schedules and implement variable-rate irrigation to tailor your actions to the needs of each field.

Real-time data, advice, and automation accessed from desktop or mobile devices doesn’t only save water and resources, it saves time – the valuable time of the field managers. 

Research and Validation

CropX agronomists validated this feature through stringent testing. Both soil moisture and temperature were measured with the CropX soil moisture sensor  throughout the season for various crop types including orchards and broadacre crops. Samples were regularly taken from areas near the sensor for lab testing and were sourced globally from independent labs. 

CropX Actual ET sensors use the patented Surface Renewal method to measure ETa. Surface Renewal has been directly correlated to Eddy Covariance by UC Davis researchers

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