CropX Technologies launches continuous nitrogen leaching monitoring capability

TEL AVIV, Israel, Aug. 25, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — CropX Technologies, Ltd., a digital agronomic solutions company, announced today the commercial launch of a new capability for its farm management system. The first-of-its kind capability continuously tracks the movement of nitrogen and salts in the soil. The CropX solution is easier, less time consuming and able to supply continuous monitoring of nitrogen leaching events than traditional methods of lab testing. Farms will now have access to this important solution via the CropX system.

The nitrogen leaching monitoring capability can help farms monitor and reduce the environmental impact of nitrogen leaching while maximizing production, and plant and soil health. When nitrogen is lost through leaching farms are not able to realize the full impact of their nitrogen investment for plant growth leading to reduced yields. Nitrogen leaching can also have a negative environmental impact which farms want to avoid. With continuous tracking farms can understand conditions leading to leaching events and avoid future occurrences.

The CropX technology combines real-time data on soil moisture, temperature, and electric conductivity (EC), captured by soil sensors, with proprietary algorithms created and lab-tested by a team of staff agronomists. The information is then presented on the CropX farm management system dashboard for easy viewing and reporting. By monitoring for leaching events throughout the season CropX customers create a record which allows them to proactively show responsible nitrogen management.

“Farmers want to avoid nitrogen leaching and keep their soil healthy. Not only are they stewards of their land, but they also strive to sustainably maximize food production,” says Bridgit Hawkins Chief Sustainability Officer, CropX Technologies. “We’re thrilled to bring them such a powerful solution for this challenge.”