CropX Partners with Rieggo Rotoplas to Provide Smart Farming Services in Mexico


CropX signs partnership agreement with the leading provider of water solutions in the Americas to offer innovative precision agriculture solutions focused on water conservation and soil health.

TEL AVIV, Israel, March 1, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — CropX, a leading global agricultural analytics provider and rieggo, Grupo Rotoplas‘ new company dedicated to providing smart water services to farming operations in Mexico, announce their partnership to help Mexican agribusinesses reduce water consumption and improve crop yields.

rieggo is a Joint Venture between Renewable Resources Group Mexico and Grupo Rotoplas, that aims to provide smart water solutions and services and increasing agricultural yields in a sustainable fashion through technology. Its target is the high-value crops market at the core of the vibrant and fast-growing export sub-sector of Mexico’s agricultural landscape.

rieggo held pilot tests in Mexico of the sensors and technological solutions offered by CropX, with the objective of demonstrating reductions in water use and manual labor, yield improvement, ease of use and enhanced overall insights. Upon successful conclusion of the pilot tests, rieggo decided to integrate CropX’s technologies as part of its commercial offering and become an official reseller of CropX in Mexico.

rieggo is enthusiastic and is looking forward to expanding its business by partnering with CropX, an AgAnalytics leader”, said Eduardo Carrillo, CEO of rieggo. “For more than three decades, at Rotoplas we have contributed to improving people’s quality of life by creating solutions that facilitate water access and water management. Therefore partnering with CropX, which has demonstrated significant water savings across many regions and different crop types, was an attractive choice for Rotoplas, as it allows us not only to deliver clean water across the Americas, but also help our customers optimize their water consumption and boost crop yields so they can be more competitive and more environmentally sustainable” Carrillo added.

“Mexico’s agricultural sector has a long history, stretching back thousands of years, but it faces challenges in order to adapt to the climate changes and keep feeding the world in a sustainable manner” said Matan Rahav, Director of Business Development at CropX. “Water scarcity in Mexico is severe, and with an ever-increasing demand, combined with the fact that agriculture accounts for almost 78% of water use, certain cities in Mexico risk being void of water. The Mexican irrigation infrastructure has additional opportunities to improve water-use inefficiency and improve soil health. The key objective of this partnership, therefore, is to help the Mexican farming industry address these issues. We’re very excited to have partnered with the leader of water solutions in the Americas to help tackle this important challenge.” Rahav added.

About Grupo Rotoplas

Grupo Rotoplas is America’s leading provider of solutions for storing, piping, heating, purifying, carrying, treating and recycling water. With 40 years of experience in the industry and 18 plants throughout the Americas, Rotoplas is present in 14 countries and has a portfolio that includes water services and 27 product lines. Grupo Rotoplas has been listed on the Mexican Stock Exchange (BMV) under the ticker “AGUA” since December 2014.