CropX Product Update Highlights – Q1, 2024

 The first quarter of 2024 was busy for the CropX product team, as we worked to expand capabilities while streamlining the user experience. Major highlights of the quarter include:  

Evapotranspiration Sensors: CropX fully integrated the Tule Evapotranspiration sensor and its AI-assisted advanced analytics into the CropX system, launching CropX Actual ET to the general public and a special, center pivot-mounted device exclusively through Reinke Irrigation, called Reinke Direct ET™by CropX.   

Mobile/Web Updates: The app (accessed via mobile or web) now allows users to customize the overview screen to show only what is wanted, in order of priority and offers users the ability to quickly create shortcuts to “Points of Interest” from the Field Data screen.  

Crop Recording: Now users can add their own scouting events to the CropX platform and record their agronomic activities quickly and easily. 

Partner Connections: CropX completed a digital connection to WiseConn irrigation systems to make it easier to turn CropX’s data-driven insights into action through the WiseConn drip irrigation controllers. We also added additional 3rd party soil sensors to the list of devices that are compatible with CropX telemetry, thereby lowering the barriers to accessing the CropX system.  

Effluent Irrigation Management: Our effluent irrigation capability helps turn the waste from farm animals into an asset by advising on when and how much to irrigate a field to avoid runoff and leaching. The capability also lets users monitor effluent ponds, and during Q1, the team made it easier to set up an effluent pond in the CropX system.  

Transmission Verification: It is even faster now to receive verification that sensors are receiving and sending information after installation, ensuring that sensors work correctly before leaving the field. Our updated verification process now includes the sensor name and covers all sensor types, including the ET Sensor, Rain Gauge, and Pond Level Sensor. This comprehensive approach enhances your ability to monitor and manage your field conditions effectively, giving you greater control over your agricultural operations. 

We are happy to bring these advancements to the market to expand CropX capabilities and enhance user experience. From integrating advanced sensors to streamlining our app, this quarter was focused on advancements that empower our users and improve agronomic operations. Here’s to a fruitful season ahead!