Reinke and CropX Enter A Bold New Era in Maximizing Crop Production

TEL AVIV, Israel, Oct. 13, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Reinke Irrigation, a leading center pivot manufacturer based in Deshler, Nebraska, is expanding its strategic partnership with CropX Technologies, the developer of a digital agronomic farm management platform that provides irrigation, disease, nutrition, and crop and soil management insights and advice to ensure the optimization of water use in crop production.

A collaboration between CropX and Reinke allows users of both systems to access data and insights of each from within the CropX and ReinCloud(TM) apps.
A collaboration between CropX and Reinke allows users of both systems to access data and insights of each from within the CropX and ReinCloud(TM) apps.

“We are proud that Reinke is expanding its partnership with CropX to help its customers fine-tune their irrigation by activating the powerful combination of data and AI. With drought as a recurring feature of life in many regions of the world, Reinke and CropX can make a meaningful contribution to the wise use of every drop,” says Tomer Tzach, CEO of CropX Technologies.

The partnership began in 2021 when Reinke chose the CropX soil sensor and farm management platform as a recommended companion to its irrigation equipment. Reinke and CropX worked to integrate their systems to help ease cross-platform interactions. The CropX soil sensor measures conditions in the field such as soil temperature, moisture, and nitrogen leaching, and sends that data to CropX’s cloud-based software system. The CropX system then combines that data with satellite data, topography, soil type, crop models and more, to create customized irrigation and other agronomic advice.

A year into the partnership, Reinke is now expanding its offerings to meet the increased demand from its customers. CropX will be exhibiting and presenting at the Reinke Sales Convention in Jacksonville, Florida, October 23-25 to further advance the partnership and create momentum for growth in 2023.

“Growers are always looking for a better way to manage their products. Using the precision irrigation of Reinke and the CropX farm management system, they can monitor their operations from anywhere,” says Chris Roth, President of Reinke Manufacturing. “Working together, they will provide real-time data to ensure the grower has all the information needed to control where the water goes in the most efficient way.”

One of the features that they are jointly offering is the ability to control and schedule the pivot operations from within the CropX app, and vice versa, where CropX is accessible via Reinke’s ReinCloud® app. This cross-platform integration comes from a mutual commitment to making the farmer-grower app experience easier and simpler.


About CropX

CropX is one of the fastest growing providers of agribusiness farm management solutions in the world, deployed in over 50 countries and across all the arable continents. The CropX platform synthesizes data from the earth and sky to offer advanced soil and crop intelligence and a suite of digital decision and planning tools, all on an easy-to-use app capable of tracking multiple farms and fields. CropX is backed by the world’s leading agribusinesses and VCs, who recognize that CropX’s precision-ag technologies set new standards of best practices for environmental sustainability and greater farm productivity. Learn more at

About Reinke Manufacturing

With hundreds of dealers in more than 40 countries, Reinke Manufacturing is the world’s largest privately held manufacturer of center pivot and lateral move irrigation systems.  Family owned since 1954 and headquartered in Deshler, Neb., Reinke develops products and technology designed to increase agriculture production while providing labor savings and environmental efficiencies.  Reinke is a continued leader in industry advancements as the first to incorporate GPS, satellite-based communications, and touchscreen panel capabilities into mechanized irrigation system management.  For more information on Reinke or to locate a dealership, visit or call 402-365-7251.