CropX Helps Animal Operators Avoid Effluent Waste Leaching

Greymouth, New Zealand, July 16, 2011: Farmer checks his effluent sprayer on a dairy farm in Westland, New Zealand

CropX Technologies, developer of the CropX Agronomic Farm Management System, is launching a new agronomic planning tool: animal waste effluent irrigation. The CropX effluent irrigation capability allows users with effluent storage and effluent-irrigated fields to harness the waste as a fertilizer while controlling and minimizing runoff and leaching.  

The CropX System gives users insight into whether a field can safely receive effluent irrigation and the quantity it can hold. This advice is based on data collected from the CropX soil sensor in an effluent-irrigated field. The sensor continuously monitors the field’s soil moisture content and sends that data to the cloud for advanced analytical analysis that incorporates weather, soil properties, and topography. 

A dashboard accessed via web or mobile app collates all the key metrics of the current status of the whole effluent system. Simple traffic light ratings show if the system is being operated optimally, providing early indication of any coming risks. Optional features add lagoon or pond level monitoring and pump activity recording.  A customizable report can be generated that shows all irrigation events.  

“CropX effluent irrigation lets users transform a pollution risk to a potential reward with improved yields and reduced nutrient loss. CropX is excited to help farmers harness the opportunities from animal effluent and minimize the risks,” says Bridgit Hawkins, Chief Sustainability Officer at CropX. 

After the acquisition of the New Zealand-based Regen, an effluent and irrigation management company, CropX integrated the Regen expertise into the CropX Agronomic Farm Management System. Previously limited to customers in New Zealand, the effluent irrigation management capability is now available to CropX users globally. 

Julia Levy

Julia brings with her more than 20 years of experience in corporate development, partnerships, M&As and business strategy.

Prior to joining CropX, Julia held roles such as Corporate Development Director at STK Bio-Ag Technologies, a leading global biopesticide company, and as Deputy Head of M&A at Caisse des Depots et Consignations in France. Earlier in her career, Julia served as an AVP at Lazard Freres Investment Banking and as a Manager at KPMG Corporate Finance.

Julia holds an MBA from ESSEC Business School in France.