Why CropX Acquired Netherland-based Dacom Farm Intelligence

Further to our acquisitions in 2020 of Nebraska based CropMetrics and New-Zealand based ReGen, we’ve got more exciting acquisition news at CropX…

Who is Dacom?

Dacom is one of the pioneers of the global AgTech sector, located in Groningen, Netherlands. It was originally founded in 1987 with the vision of helping growers collect field data to improve disease forecasting and prevention. The company started by collecting relevant data points on temperature, air humidity and crops for disease forecasting. Later, in 2005 soil moisture data and other services were added to the company’s technology.

In 2017 Dacom merged with Crop-R, a leading farm management software company. With the merger, Dacom transitioned to cloud-based software and added services based on mobile applications with access to online dashboards for Crop Recording (field activities registration), Disease Management, Moisture Management and other Precision Farming activities.

With time Dacom gained more than 3,000 long client relations in 32 countries globally, mainly in Benelux.

Why are we so excited about Dacom?

The short story?
cropx dacom

  1. Product

    CropX’s Farm Management platform is super strong with irrigation management, fertilizer management, effluent management and automation. However, we were just making our first steps into crop protection and crop recording. Dacom’s product is a perfect match in this respect – the missing piece in the CropX puzzle.

  2. Market

    Prior to Dacom, most of our business was in the USA, followed by Australia and New Zealand. The Dacom acquisition speeds up our entrance into Europe with a Dutch office, 30 employees and thousands of customers.

  3. Customers

    Almost 3M acres under management, over 3,000 customers. WOW.

  4. Synergies

    There are endless synergies with CropX’s existing products, especially for the dairy industry.

  5. Team

    Last but not least – what a team! we established great working chemistry with the Dacom team early on.

There are so many additional pros but in a nutshell that’s why we’re acquiring Dacom. Equally important to mention that during the DD process we quickly fell in love with The Netherlands’ beautiful sceneries and food so we just had to make an excuse to continue visiting. We’re so ready to Dutch it!

What’s next?

We’re always excited to join new teams and technologies to the CropX family and continue our search in that respect – all with the goal of providing the best value for our customers.

Stay tuned for more updates soon!