The Crop Multiplier

CropX Agronomic Farm Management System

A Powerful Yet Simple Solution
for Agronomic Data and Operations Management

The CropX agronomic farm management system collects data from soil to sky, then combines it with real-time conditions and agronomic knowledge to provide insights and advice. 

Easy-to-install Hardware

Effortless Data Capture

Clear Insights and Advice

Watch this introductory video to learn more!

Nick Emanuel, Head of Product USA and Nebraska farmer, presents an introduction to the capabilities of CropX and the benefits you can expect to see. He also shares a sneak peak at features that are coming out next! 

Farmers - Grow Your Profit

Access the real-time conditions of your fields and crops, and enjoy the confidence of knowing your agronomic operations decisions are data driven.  

With CropX, you’ll receive clear insights to understand your crops’ daily needs and save time and money.

CropX is sold through a network of dealer experts with local knowledge. Contact us to find a dealer near you.

Advisors - Grow Your Business

Help your customers maximize results, while being able to manage more fields. 

Whether you’re using CropX to power your agronomic advisory services or selling it directly to growers as a DYI solution, your local expertise combined with the powerful data and insights of CropX enable you to quickly grow your business. 

Contact us to find out more about building your business with CropX.

Harvesting Success

CropX is honored to be recognized by organizations throughout the industry.

CropX Named a Best Agriculture App for 2023

Arkansas Farmer is Growing 20,000 Acres on the 'Cutting Edge’

10 Best Agri-Tech Organizations in the USA in 2023

Top 50 of the Top 500, 4th year in a row

New Hardware and Software for 2023!

Agronomic Operations Management

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