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CropX Agronomic Farm Management System

CropX Technologies was founded in New Zealand in 2014. Today we have offices and operations around the globe. In 2020 we purchased Regen, a New Zealand based effluent irrigation solution that helps animal farmers turn a problem into and asset. This capability was added to the easy-to-use CropX platform rounding out a full-agronomic management solution that provides simplified farm data management and agronomic operations optimization. We also maintain the Check-it Bucket Test app. This app was developed by REGEN in cooperation with Irrigation New Zealand and AGMARDT.


CropX System

The CropX agronomic farm management system is a software and hardware solution that aggregates data from soil to sky and transforms it into useful information and agronomic advice. 

  • Field Data Management
  • Agronomic Planning Tools
    • Irrigation Planning
    • Disease Control
    • Effluent Irrigation
    • Nutrition Monitoring
  • Tracking and Reporting


The CropX agronomic farm management system is available all across New Zealand via a network of dealers offering agronomic solutions and services.  

Regen Effluent and
Regen Water

Regen was launched in 2010 with a mission to create world-class technology solutions for New Zealand farmers, built  in partnership with Massey University.

Today, our core products, Regen Effluent and Regen Water have been incorporated into the easy-to-use CropX System.

Check-it Bucket Test App

The App walks you through an annual performance assessment, provides the results instantly to your phone and e-mails a report to you. The App is now available for all irrigation system types except Drip-micro.

Helping New Zealand Farms Reach Their Goals

New Zealand farmers care about the long-term performance of their soil and also need to comply with government regulations around environmental impact. CropX can help farmers increase the efficiency of their agronomic operations, saving time and money.

Boost Farm Productivity

Increase Profitability

Minimize Environmental Impact

Optimize Resource Use

Create Data Connections and Transparency

Customers and Partners