The sensor has stopped transmitting, what can I do?

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In cases that the sensor stops transmitting, the culprits are usually the battery or the antenna. Can you please follow the troubleshooting steps:
  1. Confirm that the battery has a charge – was the battery low before it stopped? You can also ask us to check the last known battery level.
    • The sensor can also be uninstalled from the field and plugged in. If the light is not green, it’s charging.
  2. Confirm that the antenna isn’t damaged
  3. Check that the antenna is raised as high as possible
  4. Make sure the connection between the extension cable and the antenna is tight
  5. Make sure the connection between the sensor and the antenna cable is tight:
    • Disconnect the antenna and then re-attach it
    • You can watch this video to see how to do this:
    • Make sure that the o-ring is on the antenna base
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