How do you uninstall a CropX Sensor?

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Deactivating and uninstalling a Sensor is a simple process that requires the use of the CropX app and the installation kit you received along with your Sensor. Using your mobile app, navigate to the Farm/Field in which the Sensor is located. Ensuring you’ve selected the correct Sensor to uninstall, press the ‘Options’ button in the top right corner (3 white dots). From here, you’ll click on ‘Activate / Deactivate Sensor’ and on the next screen, you’ll click the ON button next to the Sensor’s name to deactivate it (ON = activated and OFF = deactivated). A pop-up window will ask you for confirmation to uninstall your Sensor and by clicking ‘Yes, deactivate,’ your your Sensor will be deactivated. Once you’ve deactivated your Sensor using the app, you can now remove the Sensor from the ground, using your installation kit. The soil must be wet to uninstall the Sensor, so we recommend that you remove it after irrigation or rain, otherwise, pour water in the area surrounding the Sensor the day before you plan to uninstall it. Using the T-handle driver, extension tube, Sensor head adaptor socket tool (socket tool) and a shovel, please follow these instructions:
  1. Remove the antenna.
  2. Mount the socket tool to the grooves on the top of the Sensor head.
  3. Connect the extension tube to the socket tool.
  4. Connect the T-handle driver to the extension tool.
  5. Turn the T-handle driver counterclockwise to loosen the Sensor from the ground, as shown in the photo below.
  6. If you feel strong resistance from the Sensor, use the shovel to dig around it and pour more water in the area to loosen the soil.
Once your Sensor is removed from the ground, remove any excess dirt from the Sensor, fully charge the battery and store the Sensor and it’s components in a safe location for next season.  
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